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Perumathura is a seaside village in Thiruvananthapuram district located in the Indian state of Kerala. Perumathura is a village situated neighboring to Anjengo fort in Trivandrum. The name derived after the a ruler of Kerala named Cheraman Perumal, Perumathura previously acknowledged as Perumal Thurai then So the time has passed and the name changed. Perumathura was the most decorated producers of Anjengo Coir in Travancore and Kerala and Now Perumathura is a new tourist spot after the inauguration of Perumathura Bridge linking Thazham Palli and perumathura is not so busy place – away from the city to relax and watch the sun go down.

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Pic Courtesy : http://www.hed.kerala.gov.in/index.php/gallery/category/44-perumathura-bridge


How to Reach 

Perumathura located 29 kilometers north of Trivandrum. It is 23 Kilometers from the Trivandrum International Airport (30 minutes’ drive), 29 KM from Trivandrum Railway station and Bus stations. National highway 47 is 10 Kilometers away. And It is just half an hour drive from Technopark. Perumathura is bounded by the Kadinamkulam Kayal (Backwaters) in the east, The Arabian Sea in the west, The ‘Muthala Pozhi‘ in the north and by Puthukurichy in the west. Perumathura forms part of the Chirayinkeezhu, Azhoor and Kadinamkulam panchayats of Trivandrum district.



The past of Perumathura dates back from the era of the Legendary King Cheraman Perumal who administrated South India during the 8th century A.D. The name Perumathura (meaning residence of Perumal) was derived from the Late Kings name. It is said that Cheraman Perumal adapted to Islam for the period of his stopover at Perumathura. The continental Perumathura and its neighboring islands – Kottaram Thuruthu, Cheraman Thuruthu and Madanvila are all related in one way or another to Cheraman Perumal.


The Present Scenario

                                    The present-day residents of Perumathura is about 10000, 99.25 % of them belonging to the Islamic community. This is due to the influence of Cheraman Perumal’s conversion to Islam. Balance is followers of the Christian faith and the worshipers the Hindu gods. The economies of Perumathura mostly hang on on the income produced by the people employed in the Arabian Gulf States. Further sources of revenue take in from the traditional cottage industry of coir manufacturing, fishing, trading, coconut farming etc. Coir is contrived from coconut husk which after a cumbersome method is transformed into variety of coir merchandises. The coir merchandises are traded mainly to the coir mills of Alappuzha & Cochin from where it is distributed to many countries.

                                  Perumathura claims of 100% literacy. A good percent of them are well cultured and are well placed in the government and private sector. Perumathura has many firsts to its credit including the first Muslim doctor from Kerala. As like in other parts of Kerala, the people of Perumathura are politically awake. They are divided into two traditional opposing parties – The Indian National Congress & the Marxist Party.


The major landmarks in the government/private sector of Perumathura include:

  • Government Allopathic Hospital
  • Government Homeopathic Dispensary
  • The Federal Bank Ltd.
  • The Chirayinkil Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • The Government Lower Primary School
  • Shamsul Islam Upper Primary School
  • Al-Fajer English Medium School
  • Telephone Exchange
  • Al Rasheed Fuels
  • Akshaya
  • Kosamattam Finance
  • Post Office
  • Federal Bank ATM
  • Harbour Engineering Office
  • River Islands
  • Thycavil Backwater Retreat


What to see

Nature has endowed lavishly to the beauty of Perumathura. The golden sand beaches, Muthala pozhi, the backwaters, the traditional way of ladies spinning coir, the coconut groves, coconut trees with multiple trunks, snake boats and ‘kettuvallams‘ are the most important attractions. Most of the tourists arriving on chartered flights to People are taken to visit Perumathura, a place free of environmental pollutions. So come to Perumathura, to savor the simple, clean life and the rich scenic beauty with which God has so lavishly endowed this land. At Perumathura, it is a Famous Tourist spot where a lot of people get to see the sunset from the bridge. People come to the gathering in the sunset to enjoy windy trees and light winds that are long stretched with a golden beach and greens. On the one side the Arabian Sea and on the other side its end of the Vamanapuram River and the beginning of the Parvathi Puthanar.


Future Developments

Plans are up-to-the-minute to convert the ‘Muthala Pozhi‘ to a fishing harbor(working since 2000 and not yet finished). Once this happens, Perumathura will be hive of fishing activities. It will be linked to the Vizhinjam port by channels and Adani Group is building a new wharf to transport the rocks to make tetrapods for Vizhinjam Mother Port . Once the needs of the group are met, the wharf will be handed over to the Fisheries Department for public use . It will be a major lunge in the advance of Perumathura. Money-making is expected to increase tenfold after  the commissioning the fishing port and wharf. Plentiful openings look forward to people with the vision for a future to employ this growth. Another Tourism Project also linked with Perumathura Muthalapozhi and State Goverment of Kerala have been allotted almost 3 crores for the Tourism in Perumathura, Once it happens Perumathura will be royal.